Putin signs law allowing imports through third countries to bypass Western sanctions

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law allowing the import of goods and spare parts through third countries. The law allows importation through third countries, bypassing Western sanctions prohibiting the importation of goods and products.

The law exempts importers in Russia from criminal and administrative liability if the import is carried out without the consent of the intellectual property rights holders.

Today, Tuesday, a document on this matter was published on the official portal of legal information and entered into force from the date of publication (June 28, 2022).

The law is aimed at meeting the demand in the Russian market for rare and original spare parts and goods, the import of which into Russia is prohibited due to Western sanctions imposed on Moscow.

Thanks to the parallel import mechanism, that is, import through third countries, it is possible to satisfy the demand for goods that are prohibited from being imported into Russia.

Source: RIA Novosti

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