Putin: Sanctions call into question the essence of the global legal system

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that illegal sanctions that ignore sovereignty and sabotage treaties in the field of strategic stability cast doubt on the essence of the global legal system.

“The main theme of this meeting is to stay within the law — and it has a relevant resonance today,” Putin added in his welcoming speech on the occasion of the opening of the 10th St. Petersburg International Legal Forum.

“The use of illegal sanctions, ignoring the basic principles of respect for state sovereignty and non-interference in their internal affairs, as well as the destruction of agreements in the field of strategic stability, not only harm relations between states and peoples, but also cast doubt on the essence of the global legal system,” the president added. Russia.

President Putin noted that Russia, as one of the world’s leading countries, firmly adheres to the rule of law.

“We consider this a necessary condition for building a multipolar world order based on equal cooperation in the political sphere, security, economy, science, culture and sports,” Putin said.

In his greeting, Putin also noted that during its existence the forum has become an important and reliable platform for discussing a wide range of issues of the history and development of law.

Source: RIA Novosti

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