Putin: Russia’s progress and sovereignty depend on the preservation of historical memory

Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that the progress, sovereignty and national security of Russia depend on the preservation of historical memory, spiritual foundations, moral values ​​and education of young people.

“I am convinced that the successful development, sovereignty and national security of Russia directly depend on the preservation of our historical memory, spiritual foundations and moral values, and the education of young people of high national standards,” Putin said, welcoming the participants of the International Christmas Educational Forum.

The President also wished the forum participants the implementation of their plans and every success.

Putin stressed that Russia would not survive without a global culture, unlike the West, which “cancels” the legacy of Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

He said: “We never thought about the abolition of Beethoven, Bach or others … There (in the West) their thought reached the abolition of Tchaikovsky. Well, let them live without Tchaikovsky and without Dostoevsky and Tolstoy. As for us, we will not live without world classical literature.”

In recent years, the phenomenon of “abolitionist culture” has become widespread in Western countries, which has become more ferocious against the backdrop of a special operation in Ukraine.

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