Putin: Russia has no restrictions on the export of fertilizers and food and we do not prevent the export of grain from Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that Moscow in no way restricts the export of fertilizers and food, and does not interfere with the process of transporting Ukrainian grain to world markets.

Putin added that no one is stopping Kyiv from clearing mines planted by his forces in the Black Sea, along which maritime transport corridors run.

These statements were made during Putin’s meeting with his Indonesian counterpart Jaco Widodo today, Thursday, where the leaders of the two countries discussed issues of bilateral cooperation in various fields, the situation in the global economy, including in the context of the G20 activities, and issues of global food security. and conducting military operations. Russian special forces in Ukraine, according to the Kremlin.

Putin noted that there are about 5 million tons of grain in Ukrainian ports, and this amount may have little effect on world markets, adding that Russia remains in close working contact with the UN on the issue of Ukrainian grain.

The Russian President pointed out that the sanctions imposed on Russian seaports create difficulties for the food and fertilizer markets, while sanctions imposed on the owners of fertilizer companies and their families make it difficult to communicate and complicate financial transactions.

Putin stressed that the situation with gas prices has nothing to do with the Russian military operation in Ukraine, but is caused by the wrong policy of Western countries.

He pointed out that due to the pandemic, Western countries rushed to buy food on world markets, which led to high prices, explaining that the United States was printing money and buying food, and developing countries were in a worse situation.

Putin warned that action must be taken before the situation on world markets becomes “tragic.”

Earlier, Widodo called for a settlement and resort to negotiations to resolve the conflict in Ukraine in order to restore global food supply chains.

On Monday, the Kremlin confirmed that Putin had accepted Indonesia’s invitation to attend the G20 summit next fall.

Source: agencies

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