Putin praises green bonds and calls for their use in various sectors of the economy

Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that such a tool as the placement of green bonds to attract funding for large projects can be generalized projects in various fields.

The statement of the President of Russia was made during a meeting with the head of the “Russian Ecological Operator” Denis Potsaev today, Tuesday, at which Potsaev presented a report on the results of the commission’s work.

Putin said that green bonds are a good tool that can be replicated, perhaps in other sectors.

Potsaev said green bonds now allow for a “unique financial backbone” where 10 rubles are taken from the market for 1 ruble from the state budget to fund projects.

He added that in order to use budgetary funds more efficiently, it was proposed to place bonds of the Russian Ecological Operator (green bonds) on the market, which indicates a rather high demand for these investment instruments.

He said that at the moment the issue of the first 100 billion rubles has been registered, and the demand from financial institutions, according to preliminary data, is twice the specified amount.

Source: RIA Novosti

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