Putin named the volume of grain that Russia exports this year to world markets

Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized that his country is ready to export grain to world markets, and also stressed that Western countries are artificially inflating the supply problem.

This is stated in the speech of the President of Russia via video link at the BRICS+ meeting, the topic of the meeting is “Strengthening partnership for global development in a new era.”

Noting that Russia would be able to supply almost 50 million tons of grain to world markets, Putin said at the meeting: “We expect an unprecedented harvest, God willing, everything will be fine, and we will most likely be able to supply 50 million tons of grain.” tons of grain to the markets. world this year.

The President also stressed that Russia is ready to “conscientiously fulfill all its contractual obligations” not only in grain crops, but also in the fields of fertilizers, agricultural products, energy resources and other “important products.”

Regarding the Ukrainian grain issue, he noted that Western countries are hysterical about problems with the supply of Ukrainian grain, stressing that Russia does not interfere with the export of Ukrainian grain.

The UN has repeatedly warned of the risk of a global food crisis due to grain shortages, and Western countries have said that Moscow is preventing grain exports from Ukraine, and Russia has denied these accusations.

At the same time, the Kyiv authorities created obstacles to grain exports: in addition to burning grain in the port of Mariupol, Ukrainian security forces planted mines in the Black Sea to prevent ships from entering Ukrainian ports to ship grain.

Here are Putin’s most famous statements:

Vladimir Putin: Russia will be able to supply 50 million tons of grain to world markets, as the country’s grain harvest is expected to be plentiful.

Vladimir Putin: The situation with Ukrainian grain is artificially inflated, and Russia does not prevent its export.

Vladimir Putin: Russia is ready to fulfill its obligations regarding the supply of energy and fertilizers.

Vladimir Putin: Russia and the UN have an understanding on Ukrainian grain, but there is no constructive position of Kyiv.

Source: RT + RIA Novosti

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