Putin Expresses Heartfelt Sentiments for his Loyal Ally Silvio Berlusconi

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his deep condolences to Italian President Sergio Mattarella on the death of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who died today at the age of 86.

And the telegram of condolences, according to the Kremlin website, said: “Please accept our deepest condolences on the death of the prominent Italian politician Silvio Berlusconi… The most important events in modern Italian history are associated with the name of this remarkable man. Being a true patriot, Silvio Berlusconi has always put the interests of the country above all considerations… For many years, presiding over the Council of Ministers and holding other important government posts, he did a lot for the economic and social development of the country, strengthening his position in Europe and in the world arena. He was rightfully considered the patriarch of Italian politics and enjoyed high international prestige.”

“Silvio Berlusconi will be remembered by Russia as a consistent and principled supporter of strengthening friendly relations between our two countries … He made an invaluable personal contribution to the development of a mutually beneficial Russian-Italian partnership.”

In a telegram of condolences, Putin stressed: “For me, Silvio was a dear person and a true friend. I have always sincerely admired his wisdom and ability to make informed and far-sighted decisions even in the most difficult situations. meetings, he was charged with energy, optimism and a sense of humor. His death is an irreparable loss.” And left a lot of sadness.”

Putin expressed deep condolences to Silvio’s family and friends and offered patience and consolation for his loss.

Source: Kremlin.

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