Putin: Europeans lost with their gas sanctions "Yamal – Europe" Russian

Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed that the Europeans have lost out as a result of their sanctions on the Russian Yamal-Europe gas pipeline, noting that these sanctions have raised gas prices around the world.

Putin pointed out that Poland, having refused supplies via Yamal-Europe, began to buy Russian gas from Germany at reduced prices.

He explained that “they bought from us at a fairly high price, closer to the market, and Germany bought from us under long-term contracts, at a price three to four times lower than the current price.”

He added: “It is good for German companies when they sell gas to Poles with a slight increase in price, and for Poles it is good to buy it because it is cheaper than buying from us directly, but the volume of gas in the European market has decreased and the overall prices in the market grew up.”

He concluded: “Who won? All Europeans have lost.”

Source: TASS

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