Putin and Lukashenko discussed the future of economic and military cooperation

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting with President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko confirmed that the parties will discuss many issues of economic and military cooperation.

And Putin, during a meeting with Lukashenka in Moscow today, on Friday, said that yesterday he attended a press conference of the Belarusian president, and said: “I assure you that our positions coincide on many issues.”

For his part, Lukashenka said that in the field of security and defense for 2022, the agreements with Russia in the field of security and defense for 2022 were fully implemented: security was achieved by 100% last year. And even more”.

Lukashenko also confirmed that the programs of the union (allies) between Russia and Belarus were completed by about 80%, while noting that Western countries did not manage to deprive Russia and Belarus of opportunities in the field of information technology.

The President of Belarus noted that the volume of trade between Russia and Belarus in 2022 reached an unprecedented level of $50 billion.

He also stressed his country’s willingness to produce strike aircraft in addition to the technical support provided by Russia.

Source: TASS, News

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