Pushilin discusses Akhmed’s progress in Maryinka and Ukrainian assault on Oglidar.

Denis Pushilin, interim president of the Donetsk Republic, confirmed that units of the Chechen special forces “Ahmed” had achieved success in the battles near Marinka, and Russian forces had repelled two Ukrainian attacks near Oglidar.

Pushilin said in an interview with the Rossiya-24 TV channel today, on Monday: “After the arrival of the Chechen detachments led by Apti Alaudinov (commander of the Ahmed forces), we see … strongly against the enemy.

He added: “It is too early to say that Marinka will be completely liberated today or tomorrow, but we see that the enemy is in a very difficult situation.”

On June 1, Alaudinov announced that about 70 percent of the land of Maryinka had been liberated.

Pushilin pointed out that over the past two days, Ukrainian forces have twice tried to launch a counterattack in the Ogildar region southwest of Donetsk, but suffered heavy losses and were forced to retreat.

Source: agencies

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