Protests in the United States after the killing of an African-American youth by police bullets

The murder of an African-American youth, who was recently shot by dozens of bullets by police, in Akron, Ohio, US, sparked angry demonstrations on Friday.

Gayland Walker, 25, was killed while fleeing police after trying to arrest him for a traffic violation.

The city police said he shot and killed their officers as they were chasing him.

She added that “the suspect’s actions led the police to assess the existence of a lethal threat in his actions” and they opened fire with their weapons, killing him.

Police said a weapon was found in the car left by the fleeing driver.

The police officers involved in the murder of the young man were placed under administrative detention pending the completion of the judicial investigation.

The police did not give details of the shooting, but local media reported that eight police officers fired more than 90 bullets at the fugitive.

Black Lives Matter reported on Twitter that the young man had been hit 60 times.

The Walker family demanded clarification from authorities on Thursday, urging the angry demonstrations to remain peaceful during a press conference, while protesters began gathering from Wednesday outside City Hall and a police station in Akron, known to be the birthplace of the American basketball star. LeBron James.

Source: AFP.

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