Protests in Panama against rising fuel and food prices

Teachers’ unions in Panama have launched a three-day general strike starting Thursday to protest rising living costs and fuel prices and demanded the government examine their list of proposals.

“We have agreed to call a 72-hour strike throughout the country with the possibility of an extension,” Fernando Abrego, general secretary of the Asoprof teachers’ union, said after the conference broadcast by TVN.

Union members said during the event that the general strike was caused by the government’s failure to respond to a proposed list of 32 measures to deal with the crisis, which include freezing food and fuel prices, fighting unemployment, subsidizing education and healthcare, and a range of social benefits. .

Protests have already begun on the streets of Panama’s capital on Wednesday, joined by teachers, drivers, carriers, students, farmers, construction workers and representatives of indigenous peoples. According to local media, one can often hear and see slogans about reducing the cost of gasoline.

Panama’s education ministry said it would meet with union representatives on Thursday to consider their demands. At the insistence of the demonstrators, a representative of the president of the state will take part in the talks.

Source: RIA Novosti

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