"promote": Great Power War could break out in Europe

The Advanced website pointed out that indirect war between the great powers could break out in Europe, noting that Kosovo would be the site of a proxy war between the United States and Russia.

According to Location The recent escalation in Kosovo is so dangerous that it could escalate into an armed conflict with the indirect involvement of the great powers.

The site states that the armed conflict in Kosovo ended in 1999, but remains unresolved to this day. In 2008, Kosovo declared its independence, was not recognized by Serbia, and in early August the situation in the region escalated again.

The reason for the recent aggravation of the situation in the region was the decision of the authorities of Pristina (the capital of Kosovo) to oblige the Serbs stationed there to transfer the car numbers to the Kosovo registration plates. As a result, after the start of the confrontation, the authorities postponed the implementation of the decision until September.

The author believes that the aggravation of the conflict threatens with the complete expulsion of the Serbs from Kosovo. This may allow the latter, after the solution of the territorial issue, to join all desirable international organizations. However, the author of the article on the site emphasized that “another, more dangerous option is also possible, in which powerful forces will intervene and turn Kosovo into another arena of a” proxy war “.”

The author pointed out that a large-scale escalation could occur, similar to the conflicts of the Cold War, when the US and the Soviet Union clashed around the world through third countries. However, this time Europe risks becoming a place of confrontation.

Source: RIA Novosti

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