Prisoner Caught Sneaking Scissors into Hard Labor Dormitory in Disgusting Manner, Leads to Arrest (Photo)

U.S. prison authorities caught a prisoner who tried to sneak scissors in a strange and disgusting way into a convict’s bedroom in Indiana.

Officials said the object was identified in a strange location after suspicions arose when an arrested suspect refused to cooperate during a routine search.

Officials added that the man reluctantly agreed to an electronic body scan when Assistant Warden Lieutenant Jeff Holt noticed a foreign object in the detainee’s anal cavity.

Officials said a re-examination showed that the object he tried to bring into the anal cavity was a 9-centimeter-long scissors.

A spokesman for the prison confirmed that the scissors were removed without incident.

Authorities did not release more details about the man or the reason for his arrest.

Since the full-body scanner was first used in the prison in 2017, officials noted that a number of items have been found, including medicine, tattoo equipment and other items.

Source: US media

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