Prime Minister of Ukraine criticized the IMF due to the delay in assistance to Kyiv

Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyal condemned the “negative stance” of the International Monetary Fund, expressing concern about “the delay in considering Kyiv’s request for help.”

“We note a negative attitude” from the IMF, in contrast to the US and the EU, which are acting “leadership”, he said at the Yalta European Strategy Forum in Kyiv.

He added: “We are doing our best. We sent them all the documents and call on the International Monetary Fund to step up its activities.”

IMF assistance should be part of a larger international effort, especially led by the US and the European Union, to help Ukraine recover from the effects of the war.

As part of this effort, EU finance ministers have given the go-ahead for an additional five billion euros of aid in the form of a loan to Kyiv, which hopes to receive the funds before the end of the month.

Shmygal said that the European Union also plans to provide Ukraine with a $3 billion grant in October.

Promised Western assistance to Ukraine in the short term should amount to 39 billion euros, but this amount seems largely insufficient, since it is calculated on the assumption that the Russian operation will end in August, according to a European diplomat, and does not disregard the huge needs for the reconstruction of Ukraine .

The World Bank has estimated the “current” costs of rebuilding Ukraine at around €349 billion, estimating that they “will rise in the coming months as the war continues.”

Source: AFP.

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