Prime Minister of Israel: "Abraham’s agreements" big blessing

In his first speech, Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said that the “Abraham Accords” to normalize relations with Arab countries are a great blessing for Israel.

A spokesman for Lapid posted a tweet on Twitter saying: “We believe the Ibrahim Accords have a lot of good in them, represented in the security and economic momentum that was generated at the Negev Summit which was attended by the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt and Morocco . .”

“The agreements that will be concluded in the future will be of great benefit,” he added.

The Prime Minister stated: “We believe that as long as our security needs are met, Israel is a country that strives for peace and reaches out to all the peoples of the Middle East, including the Palestinians, and says that the time has come for you. accept that we won’t leave here, so let’s find out how we can live together.”

The Prime Minister confirmed that he believes that we must always maintain military strength because without it they have no security, adding: “We will always ensure that we will always have the Israel Defense Forces … This is an army whose strength undeniably strong, and our enemies fear him.”

He continued: “The State of Israel is bigger than each of us and more important than each of us. It was here before us, and it will remain here long after we are gone. It belongs not only to us, but also to those who dreamed about it for thousands of years in the Diaspora and for future generations.”

Lapid explained that the Iranian threat is the most serious threat to Israel, stressing that they will do whatever is necessary to prevent Iran from gaining a nuclear capability or settling on Israel’s borders.

And he said: “I say to everyone who seeks evil against us, from Gaza to Tehran and from the shores of Lebanon to Syria … Do not test us … Israel will use its force against any threat and any enemy.”

Source: RT

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