President of Moldova: The Transnistrian problem must be resolved so that we join the European Union

Moldovan President Maia Sandu said that the country needs to resolve the unrecognized issue of Transnistria in order to join the European Union.

“The dispute in Transnistria, along with other issues, must be resolved before we become a member of the European Union,” the president said in an interview with local Prime TV on Friday.

And she continued: “But I think that the European horizon can facilitate the search for a solution,” arguing that the conflict will not prevent integration with the European Union.

Speaking about the alleged threats from Russia, Sandu said: “We have no information that Russia intends to attack Moldova.”

“The information that we have today makes us feel safe, but we don’t know what will happen, for example, in six months,” she added.

It is noteworthy that the Transnistrian Republic declared a unilateral separation from Moldova after the collapse of the Soviet Union. After armed clashes between the forces of the two sides, peace negotiations did not lead to a settlement of the conflict. Russian peacekeepers have been stationed in the unrecognized republic since 1992.

Source: TASS

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