Preparing Ukrainian Troops for Major Offensive in May: US Military Readiness

Politico reported that the US military is moving its equipment to the battlefield and rapidly training Ukrainian forces ahead of a major offensive against Russia expected in late spring.

And the site pointed out that U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin considered it urgent Wednesday after a virtual meeting of the multinational contact group on Ukraine’s defense, saying “Ukraine has no time to waste.”

“We must meet our obligations quickly and fully,” Austin stressed. “This includes getting our protective equipment to the battlefield and ensuring that Ukrainian soldiers receive the training, spare parts and maintenance they need to use these new systems as as soon as possible.” possible.”

“As spring approaches, U.S. officials are increasingly concerned about Ukraine’s dwindling stocks of munitions, air defenses, and experienced soldiers,” the website says, noting that “U.S. officials are focused on preparing Ukraine for a major offensive in the spring to reclaim lost territories.” . “

He reported that “an offensive is expected by May next year, and that hundreds of Western tanks and armored vehicles, including for the first time eight armored vehicles that can build bridges and allow troops to cross rivers, are heading into Ukraine to attack.”

An unnamed US official said the US aid packages “received four or five months ago were aimed at what Ukraine needs for this counterattack.”

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