Preparing for National Day of Resistance to Dictatorship: Israel to Protest on Thursday

Organizers of protests against judicial amendments in Israel have declared Thursday “National Day of Resistance to Dictatorship” to draw attention to the seriousness of the proposed amendments to democracy.

Protest organizers have declared tomorrow, Thursday, “National Day of Resistance to Dictatorship” to draw attention to the seriousness of the proposed amendments, which protesters say are aimed at narrowing the powers of judges and stripping the Supreme Court of its power to oversee and overturn laws, which will ultimately will ultimately lead to the deprivation of the system of government of its democratic foundations and the concentration of power in the hands of the ruling coalition in order to turn the face of government into the opposite of democracy.

This will seriously disrupt Israeli facilities as protesters plan to block roads leading to Ben Gurion Airport that day, the Times of Israel reported.

The Israeli Presidential Office has indicated that the document presentation ceremony for the new ambassador will be canceled tomorrow after planned demonstrations against the legal revolution near the home of President Isaac Herzog and the home of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Gaza Street, where the ambassadors of Azerbaijan, Guatemala, Ecuador, Suriname, Malawi and Sri Lanka had to submit documents, accept them tomorrow.

“Due to the announcement of tomorrow’s demonstrations and closures across the country and abroad, and out of a desire to respect the new ambassadors to Israel, it has been decided to postpone the presentation of credentials to a later date to be determined as soon as possible,” the news outlet said. YNET website.

Police Commissioner Yaakov Shabtai said at a media briefing tonight, Wednesday, that he intends to resolve the protests as part of tomorrow’s “Resistance to the Dictatorship Day”, but vowed to “strongly act against any demonstrator who tries to block the road to the airport”, not ruling out the possibility of using noise bombs to disperse demonstrators.

Source: “i24”

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