Preparing for a Possible Earthquake in Israel: Major Damage Warnings

Israeli State Comptroller Matanyahu Engelman warned of the failure of the government and local authorities to prepare for a major earthquake that is likely to hit the region in the coming months.

In the report, he explained that, despite previous warnings, the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services did not complete the consolidation of 1,124 buildings, which required immediate intervention in the cities most at risk of earthquake damage.

This figure represents 93% of buildings previously considered “likely to collapse”.

Engelman pointed out that “Israel is located near the Syrian-African part, and therefore the risk of a strong earthquake increases every year.”

He said: “There is a high probability that a major earthquake will occur in the area between southern Lebanon and the southern part of the Dead Sea within the next fifty years.”

He also urged the government to act quickly, “given the large budgetary resources needed to strengthen buildings and infrastructure in outlying towns, most of which are of low socioeconomic status, the commitment of all professional parties and the appropriate allocation of resources necessary.”

Source: agencies

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