Power outage in the Austrian capital Vienna for the second day in a row

Thousands of people in Austria were affected by power outages in parts of the capital Vienna for the second day in a row, although operators did not immediately determine the cause of the problem.

The National Electricity Company said in a statement that “about two thousand families were affected by the blackout this morning, which occurred after a similar disruption occurred on Monday,” noting that “power was restored to half of the affected homes after several hours of operation.” shutdown”.

She added that “all consumers will be back on power as soon as possible,” noting that “the average outage lasted an hour and a half as a technical defect was discovered due to external influences.”

Many European countries fear that by winter they will face a severe crisis in connection with violations of energy imports caused by the EU’s desire to ban the import of Russian energy resources, as well as problems with logistics and coincided with rising prices.

Source: “Sputnik”

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