"Possibly to reduce the human population"Lavrov explains the West’s pursuit of values "homosexuality" And"transgender"

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said he sees no reason to promote “homosexual” values ​​in the West other than what he has read to some philosophers about the “golden billion” of the phenomenon.

This happened in response to a question from RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan to the Minister about the secret of the West’s promotion of “homosexuality” and “transgender” values ​​in the West, as she wondered about the reason for the press secretary of the US President for the media to take the podium and declare that she is a lesbian person. .nationality and black skin.

“We cannot get under their skin to find out why all this is necessary. It is impossible to understand. If a person has some inclinations, let him take care of it, and that is enough. What is the need to bring up slogans and create movements that contribute to this “, Lavrov said.

Lavrov continued: “Perhaps the only explanation that does not belong to me, but I read it somewhere out of curiosity to know where Western political thought is developing, is that some progressive philosophers, in terms of their rejection of imperialism and colonialism, believe that the golden billion, or any number of those elites who decide the fate of political issues, want to reduce the human population, because the resources will not be enough in any case.

And the “golden billion” theory is a theory that believes in the need to work to limit population growth, which is incompatible with global resources only sufficient for one billion people to live at the same standard of living as the inhabitants of rich countries.

Source: RT

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