Port of Adabiya in Suez received coal blocks weighing 800 tons

The port of Adabiya, part of the Suez Canal Economic Zone General Directorate, has received the FAIRMASTER heavyweight vessel to unload two oversized cargo, including two cokers, for the Suez Petroleum Manufacturing Company.

This was announced by the press service of the economic zone of the Suez Canal today, Saturday, in a statement, explaining that the vessel sails under the flag of the Netherlands and follows from India.

The statement states that the length of each batch is 32.5 meters, width 10.4 meters, height 10.1 meters, and the weight of one coke plant is 400 tons.

Walid Gamal El-Din, head of the Suez Canal Economic Zone, said that the ports that are part of the zone are witnessing the development of infrastructure, facilities, services and electronic mechanization of their operations and provide them with the latest navigation devices, which have added many advantages to these ports.

He pointed to the continued development of ports to compete with their counterparts in the Red and Mediterranean Bahrain, to lift the economic zone into the ranks of global economic zones, which confirms the region’s ability to achieve more power goals. vision for the coming years.

Gamal El-Din added that the receipt of such equipment and parcels reflects a positive image of productivity in the ports, as well as an important message to investors and shipping lines about the ability of the ports of the economic zone to handle such cargoes. and equipment.

The port administration has increased the degree of readiness to receive two parcels and prepare and arrange the routes from the berth to the safe exit of two parcels from the port in agreement with the NUSCO transport company, as well as coordination with the relevant authorities for the parcels to leave the port.

The first package is expected to be delivered this afternoon to Suez Petroleum Manufacturing Company, with the second package arriving on Sunday.

Source: RT

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