Pope Francis cautions about the possibility of demonic contamination through subtle means

Pope Francis has warned of very dangerous demons, which he calls “polite devils”.

According to Vatican Radio, Italian publisher Piemme is releasing a book by journalist Fabio Marchese Ragona called “Divided Against Satan” today Tuesday, which includes an interview with Pope Francis, who began asking him to comment on the story of the possessed nun. , who mentioned in her testimony that Satan told her about the Pope: “I hate him, he always talks bad about me, do you see how much trouble I cause him?”

His Holiness the Pope said, replying that he did not know the history of this nun and therefore could not assess the matter, but it is indeed possible that I am disturbing the devil, added the Pope, because I try to follow the Lord and do what the Bible says, and that worries the devil, who definitely feels satisfied when I commit a sin. The Holy Father continued that Satan seeks to fail man, but he has no hope if there is prayer.

Then Pope Francis was asked if he had any experience with possessed people, and he said that some people came to him when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires and said they were possessed, so he sent them to two specialized priests, that is, exorcists. and added that one of them was his confessor.

The pope stated that two priests later told him that only two or three of these people were actually victims of demonic possession, while others only had demonic possession, which is different because the devil was not in their bodies. Regarding his answer to the question of whether he did an exorcist during his pontificate, Pope Francis said that this did not happen and added that he would have sought the help of a good exorcist, as he did in Buenos Aires.

And the interlocutor of Pope Francis continued, asking if Satan could attack the pope, and the Holy Father said in response that Satan tries with everyone indiscriminately and seeks to infect first of all those who have great responsibility in the Church and in society.

And Pope Francis reminded here that even Jesus himself was tempted by Satan, as well as by Peter, to whom Jesus said, “Follow me, Satan.” The Pope is also under attack by the devil, Pope Francis said, adding that we are human beings and the evil one is always trying to attack us, and continued that it is painful, but there is no hope for the devil before prayer. In this context, reference was made to the speech of Pope Paul VI that the smoke of Satan also enters the temple of God.

Pope Francis said that Satan can do this by sowing discord and turning people against each other, adding that division and attack are always the work of Satan, who seeks to corrupt human hearts and minds. The Holy Father emphasized that the only solution is to follow the paths that Christ directs us to.

Then the fear of Satan was the focus of another question that Pope Francis received in the dialogue contained in the book, and the Holy Father spoke in his answer about demons that are very dangerous, that is, that he calls them polite demons. He added that Jesus also spoke about this, and this is what we find in the Gospel of Luke, where he said: “An unclean spirit, if it goes out of a person, wanders in the wilderness, seeking rest, and does not find it. He says: “ I will return to my house from which I came.” Seven spirits more evil than him, and they enter and dwell in him. And Pope Francis continued that the soul doesn’t care when it doesn’t care about the test of conscience, and that people make demons enter the house because of spiritual apathy, and Pope Francis described it as the worst touch, like the devil kills you. In this context, the Holy Father spoke about the danger of spiritual worldliness and added that Satan either destroys everything directly with wars and injustice, or does it politely, or, as His Holiness put it, diplomatically. At the end of the dialogue contained in Divided Against the Devil, released today, April 11, the Pope stressed the need for discernment.

Source: Italian agency (Aki).

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