Polygon Labs Proposes CDK for Celo’s Ethereum Layer 2 Transition

Polygon Labs Proposes Celo Community to Use Chain Development Kit for Layer 2 Transition on Ethereum

Polygon’s Proposal

Polygon Labs has proposed that the Celo blockchain community use its Chain Development Kit (CDK) for the upcoming Layer 2 transition on Ethereum.

This proposal came about after Celo’s core team, cLabs, unveiled an alternative idea that involved moving from Layer 1 to Layer 2 based on Ethereum using software from OP Labs called OP Stack.

Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon, expressed his proposal at the Celo Management Forum, saying, “We are proposing the Celo ecosystem to employ the Polygon CDK in its L2 migration. The CDK is an open source toolkit that makes it easier for developers to build ZK-powered L2s for Ethereum The beauty of it is the ease with which it allows L1s to migrate to Ethereum L2s, coupled with the focus on modules.

Polygon’s CDK

Polygon’s CDK, a product of Polygon Labs, is rooted in open source principles. It is designed to create the second layer, which uses zero-knowledge accumulation technology, inheriting Ethereum’s strong security via ZK proofs.

Collaboration with Established Blockchain Companies

This innovative software package has not gone unnoticed. Established blockchain companies such as Canto, Astar, Immutable, IDEX, and Palm Network have already expressed keen interest, collaborating with Polygon Labs for their Layer 2 Ethereum(ETH) migration needs.

As discussions began, Rene Rensberg, co-founder of Celo, noted that cLabs was keen to engage the broader community in its deliberations, ensuring a transparent and community-based decision-making process.

Exploring Layer 2 Migration Landscape

However, the Layer 2 migration landscape is teeming with activities and options. Many teams are exploring transitions to the Ethereum Layer 2 ecosystem, with many having a range of software tools at their disposal, thanks to prolific teams like Polygon, Optimism(OP), and Arbitrum(ARB).

A captivating dynamic has been observed with Polygon’s CDK and Optimism Labs’ OP Stack. While many entities, including Base and Zora, have adopted optimistic OP stacks for layer-two designs, Polygon’s CDK remains a compelling alternative, highlighting the potential of zero-knowledge stacks.

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