Polyansky: The West is trying to rally African countries against Russia

Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Dmitry Polyansky said that African countries continue to cooperate with Russia, despite the attempts of the West to rally it against Moscow.

“We note statements by some Western capitals that Russia’s policy in Africa is not aimed at what is good for Africa, or that the nature of our actions is, as they claim, malicious in nature,” Polyansky said after the Security Council The UN voted to extend the sanctions. against the Central African Republic.

He stressed that “these are obvious and unconvincing attempts to rally the countries of the continent against Russia.”

He added that “the Africans themselves know the answer, as the governments of the Central African Republic and other African countries welcome Russian assistance, strive to develop relations based on equality and mutual respect, and highly value our historical ties.”

Source: TASS

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