Polyansky: the status of the Korean Peninsula may go beyond "Serious mistake" And it’s hard to control

Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Dmitry Polyansky said that further escalation on the Korean Peninsula would lead to the crossing of a dangerous line beyond which it would be impossible to control events.

“The continuation of the spiral of escalation brings us closer and closer to a dangerous line, beyond which events can become unmanageable,” Polyansky said.

The Russian diplomat also lamented that “the United States of America and its allies ignored the steps taken by Pyongyang in 2018-2019, the implementation of which could lead to a radical improvement in the situation in the subregion.”

“Pyongyang’s subsequent repeated calls to Washington to stop hostile actions and refrain from increasing pressure went unheeded, and certain opportunities for dialogue were missed,” Polyansky said.

The Russian diplomat concluded: “It is clear that this is a dead end and a direct threat to international peace and security.”

Earlier, the Korean Central News Agency reported that the North Korean army fired two rockets from a large-caliber rocket launcher on Monday morning.

These weapons are classified as offensive tactical nuclear weapons, and on February 18, the Hwaseong-15 intercontinental ballistic missile was launched as part of the exercise.

Source: TASS

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