Poll published by the British Daily Mail: American democracy on the verge of collapse

A new poll in the United States has shown that concern has risen nine points since January, that Democrats and Republicans are united in their fears about the collapse of American democracy.

About 67 percent of those polled think democracy is in danger, according to a Quinnipiac University poll, including 72 percent of registered Democratic voters and 70 percent of Republicans.

The poll results were released ahead of President Joe Biden’s speech in what the White House calls “the battle for the soul of the nation” in which he is expected to attack Donald Trump and his allies for undermining national democracy.

Trump has accused Biden of politicizing the FBI in an attempt to exclude him from the 2024 election before it even starts, and as a result, left and right portray their enemies as a threat to democracy.

Democracy is the cornerstone of a nation at risk, said Tim Malloy, an analyst at Quinnipiac University, and in a rare moment of agreement, Americans rally around an ominous unease.

The percentage of Americans who fear democracy has risen nine points since January, according to a survey of 1,584 people.

This follows a recent NBC News poll that showed that threats to democracy were the most important issue facing the country.

About 21% of respondents cited threats to democracy as the most important issue, compared to 16% who named the cost of living, and 14% ranked jobs and the economy at the top of their list of expenses.

Source: Daily Mail

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