Poll: Most Germans oppose transferring tanks to Ukraine

The results of a new public opinion poll show that the majority of Germans oppose military aid to Ukraine in the form of German-made tanks, and this initiative enjoys the least support among opposition party voters.

And 45% of those polled by YouGov for analysis at the request of the DPA news agency spoke out against the transfer of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, while 33% declared their support for this delivery, and 22% declined to answer. .

This request to the government has the most support among Green Party voters. As for the voters of the other two parties participating in the government, the majority of them oppose this initiative (41% against 40% in the German Social Democratic Party and 42% against 33% in the Free Democratic Party).

Among the voters of the opposition coalition (Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union), 43% oppose this initiative, while 38% support it. The idea enjoys the least support among AfD voters (76% against 13% for) and the Left Party (52% against 32% for).

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said earlier in response to calls to supply Kyiv with German tanks that his country does not intend to take any steps unilaterally and does not want to provoke an escalation between Russia and NATO. He also stated that Berlin is not and will not become a party to the conflict in Ukraine.

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