Poll: A large percentage of the French refuse to continue their country’s support for Ukraine

The French station “Sud Radio” conducted a survey of French public opinion regarding France’s support for Ukraine in its war with Russia.

And the question of the TV channel, which he asked today, on Wednesday, on his page on the social network “Twitter”, sounded like this: “Half a year of war between Russia and Ukraine, should France continue to support Kyiv, despite the elapsed time?”

The share of those who voted “against” was 87 percent, the share of those who voted “for” was 8.2 percent, and those who voted “disinterestedly” were 5 percent.

On February 24, 2022, Russia decided to launch a special military operation in Ukraine, and France and its EU partners decided to get involved in the conflict from the first day in order to support Ukraine, but it seems that most of the French have been feeling the burden of this support on their means for half a year to existence.

Previously, statements by French President Emmanuel Macron warning the French of the difficult times ahead provoked a negative and angry reaction from wide sections of the French, especially regarding his support for Ukraine.

The majority believed that Macron was not ready to deprive himself of anything in exchange for the support of the Ukrainian authorities, and that the sanctions imposed against Russia would not affect him, while their influence was too great for the whole of Europe.

Source: RT

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