Poll: 36% of Britons "suffer financially"

The British Wealth and Wealth Observatory found in a survey that about 38% of people said they were worried about their financial situation, and 36% said they were experiencing financial difficulties.

According to the survey, about 4 out of 10 women (41%) and 3 out of 10 men (30%) suffer financially.

Overall, more than 36% of respondents said they were suffering financially, the highest number in the observatory’s quarterly survey each year among a sample of 4,000 people across the UK.

About 38% said they were financially concerned, and that percentage has been increasing every quarter over the past year. The survey found that parents with young children were twice as likely as the general population to report that they had not paid their utility bills in the previous three months.

Overall, about 7% of people reported not paying public bills in the last three months, compared to 14% of parents with young children aged 10 and under.

Source: The Independent

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