"Politico"The United States fears the consequences of recognizing Russia "sponsor of terrorism"

The US State Department has secretly warned the US Congress about the problems that the recognition of Russia as a “sponsor of terrorism” will cause.

According to Politico, several sources familiar with the negotiations said that in recent days, representatives of the agency have reported serious problems with the legislative initiative to the offices of Congress.

According to the publication, if Russia is recognized as a “sponsor of terrorism”, the United States will threaten the agreements signed in Istanbul on lifting restrictions on the export of Russian products and helping Russia to export Ukrainian grain.

It stated that “there is no guarantee that Russia will comply with the agreements after such a direct attack by the United States.”

She added that work on nuclear materials would become more complex.

The decision to classify countries as “sponsors of terrorism” rests with the State Department, but the Senate had previously passed a resolution calling for such a decision, and a similar bill was introduced in the House of Representatives.

Source: RIA Novosti

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