"Politico": The new military criminal code of Ukraine causes dissatisfaction of human rights organizations in Ukraine

The new Ukrainian military criminal code has drawn widespread criticism among Ukrainian citizens and human rights organizations in Ukraine.

The new law, approved by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, provides for tougher penalties for unruly Ukrainian servicemen who committed violations during their military service.

The Politico newspaper reported in an article it published that Zelensky responded to a petition of 25,000 Ukrainians against the new law, arguing that military discipline guarantees a strengthening of the combat capability of the Ukrainian army.

The newspaper pointed out that the Resuscitation Package for Human Rights Coalition explained that the new military law would make it difficult for human rights institutions to protect the rights of military personnel convicted of military or legal crimes or offenses, and reduce the national motivation of military personnel during military service, noting, that its adoption would jeopardize not only human rights, but also the defense capability of Ukraine.

The newspaper notes that the problem of discipline in the Ukrainian forces is connected with the difficult conditions in which the soldiers are on the battlefield, the lack of weapons, and the fact that the Ukrainian leadership does not care about the fate of their soldiers and their hard work. circumstances.

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