"Politico": Biden trip to the Middle East will not bring down gas prices in the US

The American newspaper Politico reported that the planned visit of US President Joe Biden to the Middle East will not lead to lower gasoline prices in the US.

The newspaper said that Biden’s trip to the Middle East will not help him lower the country’s gasoline prices, as Saudi Arabia is short of oil and struggling to meet its production targets, and an agreement would require consensus among OPEC+ members. to produce any additional quantities.

She added: “Even if the kingdom fills the world market with oil, this does not guarantee lower gasoline prices.”

She pointed out that the Russian special operation in Ukraine stirred up the oil markets.

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said Biden will travel to the Middle East to discuss energy security assistance in light of Russia’s sting operation in Ukraine.

Biden will visit Israel, Palestine and Saudi Arabia from July 13 to 16 as part of his first tour of the Middle East during his presidency.

Source: “News”

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