Polish Minister of Defense Announces Delivery of Patriot Air Defense System to Ukraine

The Minister of Defense of Poland announced the arrival of the first American Patriot air defense systems in Ukraine.

And Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak added today, Tuesday, in an interview with the Spanish newspaper La Razon: “I must emphasize that thanks to the efforts of Poland, in particular, Patriot batteries and the first Leopard tanks arrived in Ukraine, we are not only the main point of transfer of aid, but also one of the largest donors.”

The minister noted that since the beginning of the conflict, Warsaw has transferred more than 2.2 billion euros worth of weapons to Kiev, noting the fact that this amount does not include the costs incurred by Poland for the training of Ukrainian soldiers, nor the money spent on transporting Leopard battle tanks.

When asked about the transfer of fighters and other air forces to Ukraine, the minister said that decisions on this issue should be made at a broader level of allies.

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