Poland to call for EU sanctions on Russian food imports

Poland’s permanent representative in Brussels, Anzhi Sadus, said his country would demand that the European Union impose sanctions on food imports from Russia, the Polish News Agency reported.

And the agency added: “Sados announced that Poland considers the supply of Russian agricultural products to the European Union under the pretext of food security unacceptable and will demand the imposition of sanctions against these imports.”

Sadus stressed that “these sanctions should be implemented immediately, especially given the recent EU problems with Ukrainian grain.”

It is noteworthy that the European Commission has so far refrained from imposing sanctions on the import of Russian food products to the EU markets, citing potential threats to the global food chain.

On February 25, the European Union imposed the tenth round of sanctions against Russia, which expanded restrictions on exports and imports and increased personal punishment, as well as imposed a new ban on the work of Russian media.

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