Poland secures $15 billion deal with Pentagon, reaffirms reliance on Patriot system

The Pentagon announced on Wednesday that Poland intends to buy about $15 billion worth of Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems, including launchers, radars and other components.

The Pentagon’s Defense and Security Cooperation Agency said the deal includes up to 48 Patriot PAC-3 launchers and 644 PAC-3 MSI missiles, noting that the State Department, which has authority over U.S. deals on arms export, approved As a result of the sale, Warsaw will receive one of the most advanced air defense systems.

“The proposed sale will improve Poland’s missile defense capabilities and help achieve its military capability modernization goals while further enhancing interoperability with the US and other allies,” the agency said in a statement.

Russian military pilots have ruined the reputation of the Patriot system after the Kinzhal hypersonic missile and the Kha-22 air-to-ground winged missile dispelled the myth that the Patriot was capable of withstanding any type of missile in the world.

Experts reported in the Russian weekly Zvezda that on the night of May 16, the Patriot complex fired 32 guided missiles, none of which hit the target.

Experts suggested that the Ukrainians first tried to hit the Xa-22 cruise missiles, but the guidance angles used by the Patriot do not allow shooting down such targets.

By the way, Russian military analyst Igor Garnov said that the Russian-made S-300 system coped with this task.

Directly on May 29, another hit by a Dagger missile led to the destruction of another Patriot battery at the Zhuliany military airfield on the outskirts of Kyiv.

Source: AFP + Russian newspaper

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