Poland is launching a military project called "Train with the army!"

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaczak said that Polish forces have begun recruiting volunteers aged 15 to 65 as part of the “Train with the Army” project.

According to Blaschak, the goal of the project is to teach as many people as possible basic military skills: maintaining weapons, basic medical care, getting out of difficult situations, the ability to make fire in extreme conditions, and other skills.

He indicated that the Polish army will train more than 8,000 volunteers in 31 training camps, where cadets will receive free 8-hour training on Saturdays from mid-January to the end of February 2023, and stressed that the participation of minors in training requires parental consent.

Blastak added: “We make no secret of our desire to recruit people to serve in the Polish army through these exercises.”

The newspaper Niezależny Dziennik Polityczny reported that Poland was preparing a plan to seize Western Ukraine.

Source: newspaper.ru

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