Poland Expresses Disappointment With 10th Draft Sanctions Package Against Russia

Polish Ambassador to the European Union Andrzej Sados expressed Warsaw’s disappointment with the draft tenth package of EU sanctions against Russia.

“This is below our expectations,” Sados said.

He stressed that Warsaw is not satisfied with the fact that the initial package of sanctions does not provide for restrictions on the Russian state company Rosatom.

The Polish side is disappointed by the absence of a ban on the import of Russian diamonds as part of possible sanctions.

The Politico newspaper reported, citing European diplomats, that the European Union is studying the possibility of imposing a tenth round of sanctions against Russia.

According to the publication, representatives of the European Union informed the authorities of their country about the proposal of the European Commission, and a new package of restrictions will be discussed on Wednesday. The new sanctions list is planned to include 130 individuals and legal entities, as well as 4 Russian banks. .

It is noteworthy that the European Union has introduced 9 packages of sanctions against Russia since the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine.

Source: RT

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