Poland cuts assistance programs for Ukrainian refugees

Poland is gradually reducing assistance programs for Ukrainian refugees, as their number has reached more than 4.3 million people, 1.5 million of whom are still in the country.

Warsaw launched several programs to help these refugees. In some large cities, the Poles provided Ukrainian citizens with free public transport and trains, and Polish residents who received Ukrainians in their homes began to pay 40 zlotys (about $ 9) per day per person. people, and the last assistance program was originally designed for 60 days, it was extended for the same period that expired on Thursday.

Deputy Interior Minister Pavel Schevernaker, the government’s commissioner for refugees, said “the government assumes that many people are able to adapt and earn money on their own.”

“About 500,000 Ukrainian refugees received an individual personal number, these are people of working age, of which more than 250,000 have already entered legal work,” he added.

He explained: “Local authorities have the opportunity to extend the payment of benefits if people accepted by the population of Poland cannot work and are disabled, pensioners, pregnant women, women with children under one year old and three or more children.”

In turn, the Polish railway company said that “the current rules for issuing free tickets for refugees from Ukraine will be valid until the end of Thursday, and from the first Friday of July, these trips will be carried out on the general basis provided for in the carrier’s rules.”

According to a recent public opinion poll, a vast majority of 70.4% of Poles answered that “Ukrainians must find work to stay in the country”, while 38.7% indicated “the need to send refugee children to schools” and 27.6 % emphasized that “Ukrainians should learn Polish.

Source: “News”

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