Peskov: the EU continues to madness to introduce new sanctions against Russia

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the European Union continues to impose new sanctions against Russia with enviable determination, despite the fact that these sanctions harm their own population.

“The European Union is still trying with enviable persistence to impose new sanctions against Russia, but it is clear that there are no sanctions that would force countries to change their position in any part of the world. But we see that the European Union continues to go crazy with the sanctions that it has imposed,” Peskov told reporters, “harming their own citizens, who are starting to suffer from these consequences.”

Peskov pointed to the more rational approach of the United States of America, which allows sanctions to be lifted quickly if necessary, saying: “We must not forget that the Americans are more pragmatic in this regard. They quickly introduced a licensing system that allows exemption from sanctions when it is.” , the European bureaucracy, due to its inertia, does not allow immediate adjustments, from which Europe suffers. But such is the reality, and the course of events chosen by the Europeans themselves.

The Council of the European Union approved today, Thursday, July 21, the seventh package of sanctions against Russia, which includes a partial ban on gold imports.

French banker Philippe Villain, in an article in the French newspaper Figaro, said that the destructive nature of the sanctions provoked an unprecedented increase in fuel prices, which led to an increase in family expenses, and further impoverishment of citizens amid a crisis in economic relations with Moscow, based on the fact that that Russia was and remains the most important supplier of energy resources.

Source: Izvestia

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