Peskov: Creating conditions for scientists in the country is a priority for the Russian authorities

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that creating comfortable conditions for scientists is a priority in Russia, and investments in this area are giving a positive result.

Peskov’s statement was made in response to the question whether the Kremlin is afraid of “the emigration of Russian brains to the UK, Finland or Denmark after the statements of officials of these countries that there are attractive conditions for Russian agents.”

“The retention of scientists and the retention of any specialists is possible only under comfortable working conditions. Russia has huge grants, a system for creating specialized laboratories for young scientists, etc. All this is a set of measures (to support scientists),” Peskov said. .

He added: “Brain drain in our time is a completely different concept, I repeat once again: where it is convenient, scientists go there. Our task is to create comfortable conditions for them here (in Russia). A lot of effort is being invested in this area, and money is wasted too.

Peskov also emphasized the impossibility of isolating the scientific world, stating: “The scientific world is developing comprehensively, and the scientific world cannot live in isolation, and therefore scientists continue international cooperation and international interaction. The world is very multifaceted. No science can exist apart from others, especially in our era.

Source: RIA Novosti

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