Peskov Analyzes Contrast Between Biden and Trump Administrations, Weighs Possibility of Putin Meeting with Trump

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday that contacts between Moscow and Washington were more intense during the Donald Trump era, but that relations are now at their lowest point.

The Kremlin spokesman pointed out that there are currently no top-level contacts between the two countries.

Peskov added: “As you know, there are currently no contacts with Washington at the highest level, and there are many technical channels of communication. Of course, the relationship at the moment is at its lowest level. During the Trump period, communication became more intense, although not without problems. “Let’s see what will happen next.”

Earlier, former US President Donald Trump said that the amount of assistance to Ukraine if he wins the upcoming presidential election will be tied to the results of his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

For his part, Peskov stressed, answering a question about the possibility of a meeting between Putin and Trump, that there had not been any talks yet and no specific serious initiatives had been put forward regarding a possible meeting between President Putin and the ex-US President. President Trump.

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