Peruvian president’s niece sentenced to 30 months in prison

Peru’s prosecutor said the court had sentenced Lenifer Paredes, the sister of the country’s first lady, who, like the head of state, is suspected of corruption, to 30 months in pre-trial detention.

And the statement stated that “the court found grounds for a request for a 30-month pre-trial detention for Yennefer Paredes, who is under investigation for an alleged criminal organization,” while prosecutors had previously requested 36 months of pre-trial detention for Paredes.

It is suspected that relatives of President Pedro Castillo, like himself, were involved in a criminal organization engaged in fraud during auctions of infrastructure works.

Castillo has repeatedly denied allegations against him and his family of crimes. Six cases have already been initiated against the president, who is suspected of involvement in corruption, trade in influence, promotion of people close to him and plagiarism in writing a university paper.

Source: RIA Novosti

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