Peru’s new president bows to protesters’ demands and proposes an election date amid bloody protests.

The new President of Peru, Dina Polarte, after taking office on December 7 following the resignation of President Pedro Castillo, announced that she would introduce a bill in Parliament to push elections closer to April 2024 instead of 2026.

“I have decided to initiate an agreement to move the date of the general election closer to April 2024,” Polvarti, who was vice president, said in a televised address as the country was rocked by demonstrations that left two people dead.

In Peru, supporters of imprisoned former President Castillo staged demonstrations a few days ago demanding elections and the resignation of Congress.

According to the newspaper El Comercio, two people were killed in clashes between police and demonstrators at Andahuaylas airport in southern Peru.

The newspaper pointed out that “a second person died as a result of clashes between residents … and the police at (airport) Andahuaylas during protests against the accession of Dinah Boloart to the presidency of Peru.”

On December 7, Pedro Castile, who served as President of Peru, dissolved Parliament, which was supposed to consider the issue of impeachment for the third time.

The army and police criticized the president’s decision, and the politician was detained on charges of sedition and abuse of power and placed under preliminary arrest for seven days.

Peruvian Vice President Dina Boloart was sworn in as head of state in Congress and became the country’s first female president.

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