People will lose their jobs, industrial complexes will close. Berlin talks about catastrophic consequences of gas shortage

The Minister of Economy and Climate Protection of Germany, Robert Habek, indicated that in the event of a shortage of gas in Germany, a number of industries would have to stop working.

In an interview published today with the German magazine Der Spiegel, the German minister said: “If there is not enough gas, some sectors that need gas will have to be shut down. Then all market and economic transactions will cease.

The German minister pointed out that in the event of a shortage of gas, this would have a catastrophic effect on a number of industries. According to the German minister, “there is talk that people will lose their jobs, and areas may lose entire industrial complexes.”

The German minister said yesterday that Germany is now facing a shortage of gas due to reduced supplies from Russia due to technical difficulties on the Nord Stream gas pipeline (a gas pipeline from Russia to Germany across the Baltic Sea).

The minister urged residents and businesses to reduce their gas consumption, and in light of this, he announced the start of the second phase of the government’s emergency plan to combat the energy crisis.

Source: TASS

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