Pentagon’s Confidential Ukraine Papers Exposed: The Latest Scoop by The New York Times

The US Department of Defense is investigating a leak of classified Pentagon documents describing the state of the Ukrainian army and US and NATO plans to support Kyiv forces.

The New York Times reported, citing a Pentagon spokesman, that these were documents dated early March. It was allegedly published by Russian pro-government Telegram channels, no specific posts on social networks are indicated.

She pointed out that officials in the US administration were actively working to remove these documents from social networks, and they did not succeed until yesterday evening, Thursday.

“We are aware of what has been posted on social media and our department is looking into the matter,” said Deputy Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh.

The newspaper notes that one of these published documents classified as “top secret” describes “the conflict situation in Ukraine on March 1.”

The newspaper added that another document has been released containing a summary of 12 Ukrainian brigades under construction, nine of which appear to have been trained and equipped by the United States and other NATO allies.

The classified materials say that 6 of these 9 brigades should be ready by March 31, and the rest by April 30. The document also indicates the need for more than 250 tanks and 350 armored vehicles for these formations.

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