Pentagon: total US aid to Ukraine increased to $15.1 billion

Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder said the kit of military systems, equipment and supplies provided to Ukraine includes special equipment for the cold season.

He said total US aid to Ukraine had risen to $15.1 billion.

According to the US Department of Defense, the latest batch of equipment includes ammunition for a mobile artillery missile system, 155-mm guided missiles, 105-mm artillery shells, anti-aircraft systems, mine-clearing equipment, night vision devices and special equipment for working in cold weather.

Ryder said this assistance still allows the US military to do what is needed, noting that Washington, while being Ukraine’s largest donor, is not the only donor, stressing that the UK has transferred more than $2.3 billion to Ukraine and many members The Contact Group for the Defense of Ukraine also donated equipment, training or money.

Ryder stressed that the US military command will continue to monitor the situation and ensure US resupply, stressing that “US military readiness is not in danger or close to danger … We are confident that we can continue to support Kyiv in its fight.”

Source: US Department of Defense.

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