Pentagon insider’s escape raises concerns of assistance from hostile nations in Washington

The US Justice Department has confirmed that Jack Teixeira, 21, who leaked confidential documents, may have access to others, noting that “enemy” countries could help him escape if he gets out of prison.

In turn, federal prosecutors confirmed that Teixeira made “violent” statements because he had many weapons, while the judge heard his request for release on bail on Thursday.

During a hearing in Worcester, Massachusetts, prosecutors confirmed that the young soldier posed a “permanent danger” to the national security of the United States and that he should remain in jail pending trial.

In turn, Techira’s defense confirmed that his client can no longer access classified documents, believing the government is exaggerating the threat he poses to national security.

The Massachusetts judge who is hearing the case said he would later rule on Techira’s request for release pending trial.

Teixeira was arrested earlier this month after a week-long investigation and charged under two counts, carrying a maximum sentence of 10 and five years in prison.

In November, he wrote on social media that he wanted to “kill a lot of people” because it would be “execution of the feeble-minded,” according to a court document filed late Wednesday night.

Source: AFP.

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