Pentagon: HIMARS systems as part of a $400 million military aid package for Ukraine

The Pentagon has announced that a new $400 million military aid package for Ukraine includes 4 HIMARS launchers.

Friday’s Pentagon statement indicated that the aid package also includes 1,000 155mm rounds, 3 vehicles, anti-artillery systems and spare parts for military equipment.

A senior Pentagon official told reporters that Washington sees arms sales as an “essential element” to Ukraine demonstrating to Russia its ability to continue hostilities.

He pointed out that the weapons the United States is sending to Ukraine are “high-precision,” expressing the hope that Ukrainian forces will use them “with great success.”

Washington provided Ukraine with 8 HIMARS systems, and the total number will reach 12 launchers.

The total amount of US military assistance that Washington has provided to Ukraine since the start of the Russian military operation has reached $7.3 billion.

Source: TASS

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